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LGBTQ Divorce

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If you’re considering divorce, you’re not alone.


Census bureau numbers show that you could fill our local high school gymnasium with people who are divorcing or considering divorce this year.

You’re not a statistic to us.

You’re not just a legal case at Johnson & Street. Our approach to family law acknowledges the difficulties and pain, but we help minimize the damage and set you up for a future full of hope.


Beyond the disappointment, there’s hope.

Because the numbers also show that you’re very likely to remarry. The best relationships are built on a firm foundation. We’re not just helping you with the divorce, we’re helping you make sure bad decisions don’t follow you into your new relationship. 

So many people have been personally touched by divorce, either as a spouse or a child or a relative or a friend. Have you noticed you get lots of opinions? People like to offer advice and they truly mean to be helpful. But, if you're involved in a divorce you need solid, experienced counsel. A small mistake can hurt more than you know. You may not know how much until months or years after the divorce.

It's completely understandable that you want to put your divorce behind you as soon as possible. But you owe it to your future self, and your family, to bring in the law experts at Johnson & Street. We will share our experience with you and help guide you.

  • You’re not alone

  • There’s hope for a rebuilt life built on a firm foundation

  • You’re not a statistic

  • Your current and future family will benefit from expert council



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