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Family Law

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Divorce is a very emotional and overwhelming process for all those involved. While going through the different stages of divorce, it is very important to have an attorney with the knowledge and experience to keep the process moving and to protect your rights. Let Johnston & Street, PLLC help you receive the best possible result.

  • Property Division: Property that you own jointly with your spouse, as well as most property acquired during the marriage, can be divided by the court in a fair manner to both parties.
  • Divorce in Tennessee can be contested or uncontested. Contested means that your spouse and you cannot agree on things like division of property, debts, or plans for the care and support of your child or children. Contested divorces are usually a long process. Uncontested means that your spouse and you agree to the terms of the property division, the division of assets and debts, and the care of your child or children.
  • Alimony: If one spouse is financially dependent on the other, the opposing spouse may be required to pay temporary or permanent alimony. Tennessee has different types of alimony that can be granted based on different factors such as length of the marriage, the needs of both spouses, and possibly calculated expenses associated with adequate support of children. 

Child Custody & Support

As a parent during the process of a divorce, the care of your child or children is one of the most crucial decisions to make.  Let us inform you of the various options and your right as a parent to make the best decision for your children and you.

  • Child Custody: The division of parenting time is based on the best interests of the child or children. This process also addresses decision making responsibilities over things like health care and education
  • Child Support: The spouse that is the custodial parent is generally entitled to child support that the other spouse is required to pay. 


On June 26, 2016, the United States Supreme Court opened the door for LGBT marriage by overturning statutory bans on same-sex unions. Same-sex couples are entitled to receive full benefits just like the “traditional marriage.”  The ruling did leave confusion of spousal benefits. We are here to inform and give guidance to LGBT couples so they better understand the changing laws that impact family law.

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